So I imported the entries from my old blog…they don’t look so hot…but please don’t judge! LOL!!! Would rather work on new stuff but may take some time and see if I can make the old ones a bit prettier…but it isn’t high on my priority list right now!!! Just thought I’d explain why they look the way they do! 🙂

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About time for a photo test…

Decided I better test out a photo on here to see how it might look…

This little girl was one of the flowergirls in the wedding I shot with Kelly last weekend…this was in the salon while she was waiting to decide how she wanted her hair done! How about those incredible blue eyes?!!!

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A New Start…A New Blog…

It seems as if I destroyed my last blog so I’m going to look at it as a time to begin fresh…if the WordPress folks can manage to import my old entries into this one great…if not, I’m good with starting over. I have a lot to learn so hopefully you’ll see progress as I move forward. I’m also going to make more of an attempt to update this one…no promises…life gets busy and I must prioritize…but I’m going to try!

So…wish me luck…and come back to visit!!!!

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An Interview with The Spooner Advocate

Last summer I enjoyed participating in my first fine arts fair in Shell Lake, WI where I met a reporter from the Spooner Advocate. He asked if I’d be willing to do an interview with him and he took my card. Lo and behold, he called me in December and asked if I’d like to do that interview. I of course jumped at the chance. How fun!!!! Yesterday the paper came out and there it was on page 11A, a FULL page COLOR spread on me and my photography. Yes, I jumped up and down when I saw it like I was about 4 years old instead of 44 years old!!! Frank did an incredible job capturing me in the article. I’m proud of where I’ve been able to take this passion of mine and look forward to where all it will take me in the future…all of the new people I will meet as well as all of the places I hope to see.

The full article can be found at:

Below are the photos that were included in the print version of the paper along with the captions he added… 

A special thanks to Frank Zufall for the opportunity and the kind words!!! And thanks to all of you out there that have been supporting this love of mine and willing to be my practice subjects! Here’s to a wonderful 2010…photography and all!!!

Grayson – one month old!!!

Grayson is a sweetie!!!! For some reason, he feels the need to stay awake for all of my photos! When he closes his eyes, I have to be QUICK because it is only going to last a moment at most!!! Of course the day I went over there without my camera…he SLEPT on my lap nearly the ENTIRE time!!! In any case, here are some shots from the other day…on his 1 month birthday!!!
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Spring at Crex

I’m so overjoyed by where we live!!! We have access to such incredible places. Check out these photos taken Sunday out at Crex Meadows! It was waaaaay windy but what an awesome place and what a beautiful day!!! Me…my camera…and some critters!!! What more can a girl ask for?!!!

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Welcome to the family Harvey!!!!!

It is my absolute pleasure to introduce you to the newest member of our extended family…welcome Harvey!!!

Aunt Pat and Cowboy went to the Humane Society of Johnson County this evening with the intention of meeting and adopting a cute little Boston Terrier named Willie. After meeting Willie and while waiting to see how Willie got along with someone else that was there to see him, Cowboy started playing with a cute little black pup named Harvey. Harvey is a 6 month old hound/lab mix that loves to run and play. The last guy to see Willie really wanted to add him to their family and Cowboy was having such a good time with Harvey that plans changed just slightly…Aunt Pat and Cowboy decided to adopt Harvey instead.
So…Harvey joins Cowboy, Middie, Abby, and Andy as the apples of Aunt Pat’s and Susan’s eyes!!!! Welcome to the family Harvey!!!

These are the photos from the website…more to come!!!
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